Shops specializing in selling gift and souvenir items. Many things have changed with regards to these types of businesses. Instead of trinkets that have real no purpose aside from cluttering shelves of the fortunate recipient, gift many shops now primarily offer practical and in-demand items. Items range from personalized clothing to accessories for mobile devices.

People give gifts all the throughout the year. Romantic anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, graduations, promotions, engagements, weddings. The list goes on and on.  There is certainly a demand that gift shops can fulfill.

Starting a gift shop is the same for any business that sells products. There are permits and licenses that must be acquired from government offices or agencies. What makes a gift shop a little bit more different is the added focus on packaging. Gift boxes and paper bags are essential elements of running a gift shop. People that go to gift shops do so with convenience in mind. They want to leave with the item or items prettily wrapped and ready for gifting. It is the responsibility the shop to provide excellent gift-wrapping services.

Gift shop owners must also be creative and stay up to date with the current trends. Every once in a while, there are products introduced to the market that attracts an enormous group of people. Such products present an opportunity for make substantial profits that must not be missed.


From gift boxes to cake boxes, packaging is an essential part of the modern world. Packaging come in different materials. Aside from paper and cardboard, you will also see many packaging made of glass, metal, plastic, and wood. They also come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Some are designed for shipping, some for warehouse storage, and others for holding hazardous materials.

Paper cartons and cardboard boxes are the most widely used materials for packaging. They are used to contain food, tobacco products, and detergents.  They are also used for numerous household appliances, television sets, toys, and other large items. The rectangular shapes of cartons are meant for convenient storage.

Many packaging, especially those containing food, are lined with thing plastic, metal-foil, or waxed-paper for better durability and protection. Some linings provide insulation to protect either the product from external temperature, or the customer from hot items. In some larger cartons the unfilled space around the product may be packed with light pieces of plastic to prevent damage to the contents during shipping and carrying.

The most recognizable metal package is the cylindrical tin can that opens at the top. These cans are used mostly for processed foods, beverages, paints and varnishes, some cosmetics, and a few tobacco products. Contrary to their name, tin cans are usually made of aluminum or steel. In the case of steel cans, a thin plating of tin may be used to protect the steel from reacting with certain chemicals. In some cases, a coat of lacquer or plastic is used instead. Most cans are round, but rectangular shapes are occasionally used for larger package to help save storage space requirement.

The food industry is one of the toughest industries to survive in. People have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to food. The industry is also influenced by trends and pop culture. Skills in cooking does not guarantee success. Many enterprising individuals with passion for food and cooking go into restaurant business only to fail a few months later. A huge capital is needed to start a restaurant and the lack of immediate success in the first couple of months equals to significant losses.

The food businesses that are thriving right now are mobile food stalls and food trucks. These types of businesses benefit from the low startup capital and flexibility. A simple menu, a station and some paper bags and food packages are the only things needed to run this sort of business. A food truck owner can easily transfer to other new locations when business in the old location is slowing down. The menu can also be regularly changed to meet the constantly changing taste of customers. Another reason for the success of food trucks and mobile food stalls is the attitude of the target consumers.

Most people who are purchasing food from food trucks do so with the primary intention of eating for sustenance. On the other hand, those who like to go out to expensive fancy restaurants treat it is a luxurious activity. Among these two kinds of customers, the former are more forgiving and appreciative of the flavor and inexpensiveness of the food. The latter, on the other hand, are ruthless which is natural since they expect excellence for the price they are paying. Still, the different nature of customers is a very important factor to consider when deciding to start a food business.

Have you heard of these subscription boxes? They are actually gaining popularity today. Is it part of a marketing strategy for some businesses?

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. They are delivered directly to your front door via good old-fashioned snail mail based on a company-specific schedule, and they are stuffed full of awesomely themed items.

There are literally hundreds of different boxes out there waiting for your subscription: fashion, baby clothes, food, and even ‘that time of the month’ boxes. And while there are popular options that tend to dominate the majority of the market share – they usually tend to be fashion or beauty boxes – there is also a flip side to the coin.

Esoteric and sometimes weird subscription boxes, while maintaining a high level of quality and customer loyalty, are affiliated with aspects of life sometimes overlooked, under appreciated, or far out there. There is nothing inherently worse about these boxes, but regardless they still make you scratch your head and think: “people really like this stuff?”

Mystery Tackle Box: A bit self-explanatory, this subscription box is packed with three to five fishing lures tested and approved by the pros. This box is the only one of its kind, and when stacked up next to beauty and fashion boxes, it seems very out of place. Nonetheless, it makes a great gift for that distant uncle in your family who never stops talking about fishing.

Pen Pop Press: Are you a huge fan of vintage and obscure magazines? I thought so. For whatever month you are currently in, like September, your package contains an issue of a random magazine from September of 1957 or 1944. It could be Physics TodayRomance Timesor Doll Reader: the fun is that you never really know what to expect. Additionally, you get an envelope of ephemera that contains related photos, postcards, and pamphlets.

These are just a few subscription boxes that you may want to know. There are still others that are of the same purpose. Now you know what subscription boxes are for.

via 4 Weird Subscription Boxes – Tech Cocktail