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Christmas season is the best time for businesses. Significant sales increase from people buying gifts or preparing for festivities. The year-end bonus gives people more money to splurge. Businesses implement strategies that take advantage of the boisterous consumer market.

One popular strategy involves the use of gift boxes. Gift boxes significantly increase marketability of products with minimal increase to operating costs. In some cases, operating costs can remain unchanged. Businesses already spend for packaging which is substituted for by the gift boxes.

How it works is that gift boxes refocus and repurpose products. Certain products not popular as presents appear more suitable as gifts simply by offering them in gift boxes. This makes most products become much more marketable.

What gift boxes also does is increase the number of  people coming into the store. The reason for this is simple. Shopping for gifts is a tedious task for most people. If you are like most people, you want something more convenient. Nobody wants to have to line up again for gift-wrapping or wrap the presents themselves when there is a much more convenient solution.

The benefit of using gift boxes extends beyond the Christmas season. Customers who bought from your store during the holidays will also think about your store on other occasions that involve gift-giving. In this scenario, what the gift boxes do is growing our brand.

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