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As fall comes and tree leaves change colors once again, new opportunities and ideas are abound for both professional and hobbyist patissiers. It is time to take advantage of fall flavors and turn recipe ideas into realities. So take out those pie trays, pans, molds, and other baking equipment.

We tend of think of the fall season as the pumpkin season. But there is more to fall flavors than pumpkin spice. There are many exceptional flavors that can be incorporated to pies and other pastry. There is apple cinnamon for one. Apple is most crisp and flavorful during the months of fall and these qualities are enhanced with the addition of cinnamon. There are endless possibilities for pies, waffles, and many other pastries.

Aside from cinnamon, apple also goes very well with caramel. Apple and caramel are delicious on their own. Combining them makes them more than twice as delicious.

Another popular fall flavor is ginger. As a pastry ingredient, ginger can be a tricky flavor to incorporate. This does not mean it is impossible and totally unusable. The key is to use little amounts. A hint of ginger improves aroma and adds freshness to traditional pastries.

Pomegranate is another fruit that peaks during the fall season. Its combination of sweetness and slight sourness makes it a widely-used ingredient for various dessert pastries. Another fruit that can be used for baking desserts is pear. It can be substituted for apple in any apple-based pastries or used together with apple.

pie traysI have had lots of free time last weekend. It allowed me to relax and just do what I wanted to do which is doing nothing. I sat on the couch and watched my favorite lifestyle channel on the television.It just so happened that there was a rerun of Hotel Hell. There is this one episode with a hotel that served food for room service in cartons and flimsy plastic pie trays. It was disgraceful and made eating such an arduous task, and Gordon Ramsay was anything but pleased. Keep in mind, the hotel claims itself as being a luxury accommodation and charges quite the exuberant prices. There really was no excuse for such a shabby way of serving food.


The episode got me thinking not only about that certain episode but my experiences as well. I have stayed in quite a few budget hotels and I can understand the convenience and keeping operating costs low in serving food in disposable containers. But never should costs-cutting and simplifying operation trump over service and satisfaction of customers. And even if a business decides to use packaging for serving food, like many mobile food businesses and budget hotels do, it can be done in a more respectable way. All that is really needed is to choose better packaging materials.

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Size, material, and functionality of the packaging are the primary things to consider. In the show episode, the trays and cartons were too small that moving the food just a little would cause it to spill over the edges. Soup was served on a wide and shallow flimsy plastic. Fortunately, the soup was unfortunately cold so that there is no threat of spills and burns. There was also no theme or uniformity to the packaging. It was very obvious that someone just went to the shopping market and bought whatever was available that can be used forgoing size, material, functionality, and design of the packaging.


Shops specializing in selling gift and souvenir items. Many things have changed with regards to these types of businesses. Instead of trinkets that have real no purpose aside from cluttering shelves of the fortunate recipient, gift many shops now primarily offer practical and in-demand items. Items range from personalized clothing to accessories for mobile devices.

People give gifts all the throughout the year. Romantic anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, graduations, promotions, engagements, weddings. The list goes on and on.  There is certainly a demand that gift shops can fulfill.

Starting a gift shop is the same for any business that sells products. There are permits and licenses that must be acquired from government offices or agencies. What makes a gift shop a little bit more different is the added focus on packaging. Gift boxes and paper bags are essential elements of running a gift shop. People that go to gift shops do so with convenience in mind. They want to leave with the item or items prettily wrapped and ready for gifting. It is the responsibility the shop to provide excellent gift-wrapping services.

Gift shop owners must also be creative and stay up to date with the current trends. Every once in a while, there are products introduced to the market that attracts an enormous group of people. Such products present an opportunity for make substantial profits that must not be missed.

cream bun boxes

Success in the modern business world requires more than just the creation of quality products and services. The mindset in the past was to create products with quality so good that customers come flocking in. The globalization of the manufacturing industry and the advancements in technology has changed the business landscape. Many companies have the ability to offer high-quality products and services. It is becoming impossible to find one company that dominates its field. This change has resulted to the rise of marketing.

It is now all about making customers want your product. With pastries, the packaging must do more than protect or provide easy handling of the pastry product. Pastry cartons must enhance the appeal of the food. In this sense, the corrugated cartons just would not do.

Most pastry cartons are printed and laminated to create a stylish and luxurious feel. Print design and colors are often based on the company logo or badge which helps establish brand recognition. Aside from the prints, the shape of the carton can also be designed to make it more eye-catching and to offer some functionality such as easy handling or stacking. However, in order for the pastry carton and the product inside it to stay in good condition, it must also be resistant against moisture and heat. These custom pastry cartons are available directly from packaging manufacturers.