The fast food industry is one of the biggest business industries in the world. The industry provides a key need for the current lifestyle of many people: affordable food that is served very quickly. People who work long hours have very little time and energy to cook their own food. A fast food establishment is like their savior after every long day. The industry is fulfilling a need.

fastfood boxAs important as the industry may be, there are also some serious problems that come with it. If you ever looked at a dumpster behind a fast food establishment, you will see just how much fast food cartons, paper carrier bags, paper cups and other packaging material wastes that they produce every day.

These trash has to end up somewhere. That somewhere usually is at various parts of the environment. There are rivers, canals and streams that are suffering from obstruction caused by some of the trash that have been improperly disposed or carried by floods or rainwater runoffs from the dumpsite.

Several years ago, the material of choice for fast food packaging was plastic. This was problematic since the type of plastic used was not easy to recycle, produces a massive amount of pollution to produce and non-biodegradable.

In order to alleviate this problem, fast food businesses are now using packaging materials. The fast food cartons that are easier to dispose and recycle, and have shorter life in the environment is a godsend for people who care deeply for the environment.

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